If I Owned the Road

Recently I found myself in this situation:

If I Owned the Road

And I wished I could show this dude what would happen if I really did own the road. Things would be very different.

If I Owned the Road

I wouldn’t have to take the lane ever again. People would have their roads back, and they’d be safer because…

If I Owned the Road

Bad behavior wouldn’t be tolerated.

If I Owned the Road

And parking wouldn’t be so free and flowing.

If I Owned the Road

And that’s just the beginning.

If I Owned the Road

No, drivers don’t realize how easy they have it. But, how about we make it a little easier for people?

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Claude LaVallee

I love this post!
I’d also require all police officers to serve at least a month of every year on a bicycle.

Barry Tranquada

Love this Bikeyface! Thanks.

Richard Masoner

Good stuff 🙂

Besides what @highwayman already mentioned about trucks, over half a million people live in Boston. Food gets to them mostly by trucks. Even in ancient Rome, the transportation of food stuffs into the city (and wastes out) accounted for significant traffic congestion.


You’re awesome. That’s all.


But you *do* own the road! AFAIK, If you pay rent in that area, part of it goes to property taxes which pay for the local roads. The road belongs to everyone… but motorists have written their own “rules” in their heads that cars have the right-of-way. I am hoping that this all will become as you have described it! Everybody benefits.