If I Owned the Road

Recently I found myself in this situation:

If I Owned the Road

And I wished I could show this dude what would happen if I really did own the road. Things would be very different.

If I Owned the Road

I wouldn’t have to take the lane ever again. People would have their roads back, and they’d be safer because…

If I Owned the Road

Bad behavior wouldn’t be tolerated.

If I Owned the Road

And parking wouldn’t be so free and flowing.

If I Owned the Road

And that’s just the beginning.

If I Owned the Road

No, drivers don’t realize how easy they have it. But, how about we make it a little easier for people?

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  • Miles April 7, 2014   Reply →

    I just want to be able to cross the street without getting hit and run by a clueless motorist. Six times struck in three years, and five of those being hit and runs while crossing at an intersection, is not acceptable. It didn’t stop it from happening, though.

  • Sara April 8, 2014   Reply →

    I would love to link this to my blog if you dot mind? So freaking awesome!!!!

  • Mark Garvey April 8, 2014   Reply →

    I drove trucks for a living. I drive a car when I need to and a bicycle or small motorcycle by preference. Sometimes semis really need to be in the city. I did not like it. But I had to. Motorcycles. .. um. ..I don’t like loud pipes either. But understand the thinking. My small bike gets 100-135mpg my “big” (250) one gets 60-65 but will keep up with traffic on country roads and highways. I avoid super slab when I can. I had enough windshield time. I do want to comment though that I see a lot of fellow cyclists running lights and not following traffic rules. I would like to see tickets for cyclists. Because face it. .a lot of cyclists are as rude as car drivers. Ride right!

  • Lee Hollenbeck April 8, 2014   Reply →

    As always great post. I think a great way to foster better road respect for all would be to have some kind of biking info/test/rules for new drivers. Like on the drivers road and written tests.

  • Joe April 11, 2014   Reply →


    This doesn’t even make sense..

  • Jason Turner April 23, 2014   Reply →

    As someone who gets around on foot or transit, I greatly appreciate someone pointing out how privileged cars and their drivers are in cities! Thanks for all the great thoughts.

  • JD April 24, 2014   Reply →

    Just found your blog and wanted to say I love it!

  • Ina April 25, 2014   Reply →

    I hear you! A fellow biker friend and I have discussed wearing t-shirts saying “you own a car, not the road” when we’re out biking.

  • Mel May 6, 2014   Reply →

    You’re my new favorite thing.

  • Joseph May 15, 2014   Reply →

    Love it.

  • Ines Alveano July 24, 2015   Reply →

    In fact, all these things would be true, if the cities and laws where designed to beneffit the most, above individuals. But we live under the “tragedy of the commons” (Garret Hardin).

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