• morlamweb July 19, 2014   Reply →

    The largest haul that I’ve done to date is the weekly run to bring the veggies from the CSA dropoff home at lunch. I just have a trunk bag (no panniers) and a small backpack for the haul, and usually you’ll see me cycling home with some leafy greens sticking out of the bag. My sig other and I (who I recently convinced to get a luggage rack & bag for their bike) also do a weekly run over to the local farmers market on the weekends. Someday I’d like to do the run down to the warehouse club to get litter for my cats, but that requires a trailer, which I don’t have at the moment. I think I’ll start slowly by getting some clip-on panniers. Those bags will do wonders for the grocery run.

  • Mr Butts July 28, 2014   Reply →

    Nothing like hauling a lawnmower/furniture/people with your bike trailer.

    I keep a torn apart chair handy that I can mount into the frame of my bike trailer. My girlfriend loves it when I drag her around town with it. I probably get a bigger kick out of it.

    I want to get a Larry vs Harry Bullit Bike, but that is a good dream for when i got $$$$$

  • Keli Dean December 23, 2014   Reply →

    Love it!!! We use an old toddler trailer to haul our groceries every week for a family of 6. ♪I got the power! ♪ is what I sing to myself every time.

  • Susy January 10, 2015   Reply →

    Hahahha, love it! I often buy unneeded giant sacks of catfood, Christmas trees, potting soil, you name it, just to put them in the trailer and haul them home. Poultry feed is the best, but our 2 birds don’t eat enough to justify frequent trips (bummer!)

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