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As someone who brags about carrying a watermelon and a kosher turkey (different incidents) in her bike panniers, I’m with ya!

Uncle Robot

Loaded so much stuff – repair stand, tool box, bike parts, etc – onto my Bob trailer last month that I broke my chain, of course going up a hill (what, walk, no way, I’m a biker).


I remember when I first saw this video – it’s still pretty neat: http://www.streetfilms.org/bike-move/


I had so much bike-mama stuff on my bike the other day + the trail a bike that my front wheel lifted off the ground as I tried to head up the super steep hill from the Seattle waterfront. I made it 2 blocks, but then had to walk the next because I couldn’t keep my front down. I have been thinking about adding a rack and panniers to the trail a bike for transporting problematically long child art projects, but apparently I will have to use more circuitous routes if I add more weight in the back…

Kevin Love

Just add on a front basket and put lots of cargo there also. That will hold the front down.


Love this. I have carried many large things, including a live cherry tree (for planting), Christmas tree, and other things. But beware of potting soil; that’s how I broke my trailer. One too many bags of damp soil. RIP, little BOB.