A Big Haul

Biking is ordinary. But every now and then I get the urge to do something extraordinary.

A Big Haul

A Big Haul

A Big Haul

A Big Haul

A Big Haul

Yep, nothing like a big haul to make me feel all powerful.

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26 Responses to “A Big Haul”

  • Mr Butts

    Nothing like hauling a lawnmower/furniture/people with your bike trailer.

    I keep a torn apart chair handy that I can mount into the frame of my bike trailer. My girlfriend loves it when I drag her around town with it. I probably get a bigger kick out of it.

    I want to get a Larry vs Harry Bullit Bike, but that is a good dream for when i got $$$$$

  • Love it!!! We use an old toddler trailer to haul our groceries every week for a family of 6. ♪I got the power! ♪ is what I sing to myself every time.

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