No Butts

The weather is getting colder and I’ve found myself caught behind some cyclists suffering from a very specific problem.

No Butts

It got me thinking… if I ever Kickstarted a bike-related accessory maybe it should be this:

No Butts

But I’m not going to Kickstarter it. I’m afraid it would actually be taken seriously and get crazy over-funded. So, for now, if you find your butt is getting frostbitten I recommend wearing a longer coat and/or belt.



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Richard Zach

That would sooo get funded in an hour on kickstarter!!!


Feeling underappreciated. Such an invention would deprive the world of the gift of seeing my magnificent intergluteal cleft, which I selflessly display on even the coldest days. It’s people like you who draw mustaches on priceless paintings.


High-waisted pants are in for ladies. They solve the butt-crack problem and look amazing!


Duluth Trading Co. has extra-long shirts (as do lots of other companies. If it’s a gift put it a ‘crack spackal’ container. Crack sparkle, to cure plumbers crack, should also work for cyclists…