Heads Up!

I am tired of the ever increasing number of so-called “bike safety” products. Especially when everyday I share the road with drivers like this. There needs to be a spray for them.



A product that would give drivers some perspective.



I can follow all the road rules, pay attention, wear bright colors, lights and shiny things while riding my bike. But I’m not the one operating heavy machinery on a public way. Let’s recognize the real problem.

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Opus the Poet

Another fantasy product that needs to be real, but let’s be honest. Does anyone think aerosol methamphetamine is a good idea?


Yes! Why not? (Kiding of course)


True. We can only do so much to stay out of harm’s way and be visible. We share the road but we also need others to share the responsibility.


VERY much needed! Maybe infuse it in those little pine tree things that are hung from rear view mirrors. Change the pine tree shape to a “brain” shape. 🙂


Will there be a companion product to get cyclists to obey the traffic laws too?


Yeah! Let’s chase the red herring that kills about 6 Americans each **year** rather than the real problem that kills 100 Americans per **day**.


lagatta à montréal

What a way to celebrate Earth Day, Jim! You mean like all those drivers who scrupulously respect speed limits and leave the proper clearance for cyclists … and pedestrians?

I think you might have had trouble actually reading what Bikeyface was saying, Jim. She says that she can follow all the rules and motorists still drive appallingly round her. There’s huge evidence about what causes most crashes between motorists and cyclists and pedestrians – it’s motorists’ excessive speed, failure to pay attention and reluctance to yield as the rules require. It’s motorists’ reluctance to accept responsibility for their actions that leads them constantly to point the finger at others for a problem they create. Personally, I as a cyclist am fastidious about following the road rules. I regularly have… Read more »
Anonymous Motorist
Granted, I am a motorist, but I can count on one hand the times I’ve seen cyclists break the road rules. Meanwhile I see motorists running stop signs (not even rolling stops, just outright running the sign), turning without signaling, signaling and then not turning, turning right with the left blinker on, tailgating, speeding, not leaving enough following distance, merging across a 4 lane highway all at once, not checking the blind spot, and these are daily occurences. I’ve had one near accident due to someone cutting in front of me on a highway, of course without any indicator, I… Read more »
I don’t know why you feel compelled to come troll here with this annoying platitude. Everybody on the road breaks traffic laws at a pretty good rate, I was tailgated just this evening driving at the speed limit, and studies (for example http://streetsblog.net/2015/04/22/study-drivers-much-more-likely-to-yield-to-pedestrians-on-20-mph-streets/ ) show that drivers very frequently fail to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, especially when they are traveling at a speed that would make crashes likely to be deadly. And when I ride home and record my commute with a camera, it can objectively be seen that cyclists obey traffic laws; in particular, they mostly stop at… Read more »

I think one to make drivers obey traffic laws would have greater benefit


The difference between drivers and cyclists, is drivers admit there are idiot drivers out there. Cyclists won’t, and won’t address the issue, instead bringing up all the same tired arguments about drivers in order to avoid the responsibility. Typical. Childish.


If drivers are so responsible, how come they’re about 15 time more likely (per person) to kill a pedestrian in a crash than cyclists? Seems to me that the guys who are much better at not killing other people are the more responsible ones.

I mean, woo-hoo, you “admit” that you’re 15 times more deadly, that’s really awesome, too bad drivers aren’t an overwhelming majority that could vote for laws and enforcement that would get these bad apples off the road.


All cyclists admit there are idiot drivers. Or they would be dead cyclists.


No, he meant that cyclists won’t admit there are idiot cyclists out there.

I drive a recumbent trike. while it’s true I am lower to the ground than a bicycle, I am also higher than the squirrels people steer around in a panic, alive or dead. And I am damned sure higher than the lines on the road. I also use flags, actually windsocks like the Maryland flag and the US Flag. Plus flashy lights. If you don’t see me, put down the phone. And yet I get drivers pull up to me and ask me if there isn’t a problem with drivers seeing me. “Well, you saw me.” “Yes, I saw you… Read more »

Jim, how about you commute by bicycle for a month and show us how it’s done; until then you’re just blowing hot air.
I grant you there are a few naive cyclists, like the ones riding against traffic, but a majority of serious bicycle commuters aren’t only safer than a majority of drivers, but are safer drivers behind the wheel.

Jim, it’s the ‘activist’ cyclists who always blame car drivers and never find fault with cyclists, because ‘cars are evil’, and anything that restricts/slows/bans cars is good (in their opinion). They’re a small minority of those riding bikes, but very vocal on the internet, so they seem like a larger group. In truth, there are different kinds of people who ride on two wheels: a) Activist Cyclists – members of cycling groups, very vocal about their ‘lifestyle’, usually wear helmet/lycra/too many lights (esp. during the day) and ride road bikes. Go on group rides. They’re the kind most likely to… Read more »
Chopsticks and thongs
Chopsticks and thongs

I’m a roadie who commutes, races and do social rides with both friends and young family, and must say, I agree with Jim. From what I see out and about the place, riders do need to do the right thing as well, it’s people as a whole we need to change, not just drivers, idiots are idiots regardless of what they choose as transport.


This is exactly why that glow-in-the-dark spray Volvo is making is a complete waste of time and money. Lighting myself up like a christmas tree won’t accomplish anything if the person behind the wheel of the giant metal bullet is a moron.

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