For Lack of a Rack

This weekend I had to run a quick errand in the Back Bay and ran into a problem.

For Lack of a Rack

While I prefer not to lock to railings either other options are not always provided. And the number of racks in Boston hasn’t grown as fast as the number of bikes. So even when there is a rack…

For Lack of a Rack

Enough is enough. I’ve decided to of take the matter into my own hands.

For Lack of a Rack

So whenever I need to lock up I won’t be lacking a rack.

For Lack of a Rack


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Let me be the first to say I’m glad I don’t live in a big city. I never have a problem finding a place to park my bike with a trailer attached to it. Let me also be the first to recommend you take a closer look at the difference between cement and concrete.


If you are going to be pedantic, you should at least be correct. The bag reads: quick set cement, just add water. Concrete would be the product resulting from the combination of cement, water, and aggregate.

Opus the Poet

I live in a mid-size city and we have the same problem, he only place they have bike racks is the one area in town nobody wants or needs to go.

William D. Volk

Sounds like someone needs a Brompton.


And then what… take the folded bike into the shops? I own a Brompton and I’m even more careful to lock it to railings when I’m in town with it than with a regular bike, since it’s so small and light and might easily just be picked up and carried off otherwise.


I take my Brompton inside with me, no matter where I go.


@William D. Volk: not to mention that maneuvering a folded bike around a crowded store or cafe is no easy task.

William D. Volk

I have a shoulder strap for mine. I just carry it in. Of course I’m a pretty large man, so that’s easier said than done.

In the places I travel to, locking it up outside would be a BAD BAD idea. I’ve taken it into bars, restaurants, cafe’s, even major conferences. Coat Check can be a godsend.


It’s a common enough problem. In London it’s getting progressively better, but there are still many locations where it’s hard to find somewhere that you can lock a bicycle too. Bromptons are one answer, but there are still locations where it isn’t useful or convenient to take that approach.

There’s a company in London that makes planters which can also act as bicycle racks. Whilst I doubt importing them to the USA would be practical, it’s certainly not beyond practicalities for someone on your side of the pond to make something similar.

Jay B
I moved into the city from the burbs 2+ years ago (happily) and started riding my bike everywhere (happily). Sadly, the “parking space challenge” didn’t change; finding a place to park & lock my bike is frequently as hard as finding a car parking space used to be. (I admit I’m a part of the problem, being a relative newcomer to the regular cyclist population here. But, I guess this problem means we have a pretty good city overall, eh?) Too bad Nicole packed & moved; she was my go-to to lobby for a new lollipop post in frequently crowded… Read more »
Uncle Robot

Jay, not clear what Marty Walsh is doing about replacing Nicole. So far it seems like the bike program is not getting much attention from the Walsh admin. Support staff are still working and city sponsored bike activities are happening, but lanes are not being re-striped and some ripped out. Bike community is getting worried…


Time for some grassroots cyclist action!

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