Two Mile Touring



This time of year, I usually find myself in conversation with someone who is curious about my bike habit. Often they feel like they could never do it themselves.  So I usually give some simple starting advice.I'd Bike But...


Because pretty much anyone can ride a bicycle for two miles- for fun, to run an errand, to get dinner with a friend, to explore their neighborhood. Maybe after that they’ll ride two more miles… and then two more…then two more.



So just ride a bicycle two miles (anywhere) today. Maybe tomorrow too.

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Yeah, we can but try to do our bit…probably find they’ll come up with other excuses tho…

But two miles is a good starting point; 2-5 miles is probably the optimum distance for transport by bike – where it really comes into its own over other modes of transport.


I agree. But if your set-up is convenient – not lugging a bike downstairs, fitting lights, etc – then I’d choose my bike for as little as 500 metres (or less). I’m lazy like that. And I run marathons for fun (occasionally).


42% of journeys in London are under two miles (70% are under five miles). Imagine the world we’d have if all those short little journeys were done by bike? We can dream…

John Brooking

“I just broke up with my boyfriend…”

Then you have more time on your hands to RIDE TWO MILES, and it’s great therapy!

I lost almost 100 pounds from my 5’6″ frame. That’s a lot. I modified my meals but just as importantly, I started with an exhausting 10 minute walk. Then I got a bike. I relearned how to swim. I went to the gym once a week for 30 minutes. Then I ran my first 5k. That three miles seemed like a huge thing I have completed a triathlon. I have run three marathons. I have run a half marathon or more in 34 States plus DC. I am planning a cross country bike tour in ’17. I am 62 years… Read more »

I used to have this exact conversation regularly with my neighbour every time I was cleaning my bike in the garden and it used to drive me crazy. Some people will just always see problems and never realise that the main barrier is themselves.

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