Two Mile Touring



This time of year, I usually find myself in conversation with someone who is curious about my bike habit. Often they feel like they could never do it themselves.  So I usually give some simple starting advice.I'd Bike But...


Because pretty much anyone can ride a bicycle for two miles- for fun, to run an errand, to get dinner with a friend, to explore their neighborhood. Maybe after that they’ll ride two more miles… and then two more…then two more.



So just ride a bicycle two miles (anywhere) today. Maybe tomorrow too.

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Teresa Mcdowell

I started with 2.75 miles every morning. It changed my life. Now it’s changing my husbands life.


“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.”

Vocus Dwabe
On a recent blog in the UK Guardian newspaper someone said that a neurologist friend of his absolutely refuses to let his children or his wife ride bicycles. If true – which it well might be – the reasoning process behind this seems to be something like (i) I am a neurologist and therefore treat people with brain injuries, (ii) riding a bicycle carries a vast risk of brain injuries, because otherwise cyclists wouldn’t be wearing helmets, (iii) even with the helmets, cyclists still suffer brain injuries, THEREFORE (iv) riding a bicycle is so dangerous that only a reckless lunatic… Read more »

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little d

Never thought much about why people tell cyclists their reasons for not riding, or not riding more. Maybe they are seeking encouragement. Thanks for the lesson!

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