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10 Comments on "Moving People: Bikeyface at TEDxSomerville"

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Great talk! I can’t agree more. I am a big fan of “Bikeyface”! I started using my bicycle more and the car less late in life, thanks to writers like you, and the change in my life is fantastic. I discovered that I actually have a community out there! There will be no turning back for me.


I’m a retired woman who has taken up bicycling for transportation and the-love-of-it, in New Mexico. I enjoyed this Ted Talk and always look forward to “Bikeyface” as it never fails to illustrate issues I confront daily; and in such a succinct and witty way!

Raymond Martin

Good video! I love your blog and now I know the face behind Bikeyface. Your blog may not change anything but it’s great to read, you never fail to amuse me, thanks 👍😀


Video won’t play. Starts and stops

Steve Carter-Lovejoy

Very cool! I enjoy Bikeface and appreciate your work!