New Shoes

Sometimes my non-bikey friends don’t quite understand my bike obsession.

New Shoes

So I have to find ways to make it relatable to those not as familiar with the lifestyle.


New Shoes

I find it makes more sense to compare bikes to shoes than cars or household appliances like vacuum cleaners. Shoe obsessions are very relatable.

New Shoes

And both bikes and shoes are very useful for getting around. Cars and vacuum cleaners, not so much.

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William D. Volk

I love my Brompton, but I also love my Bacchetta. Now for a cargo bike … maybe a velomobile too?

Julie In San Diego

My husband always says you need as many bikes as you have pairs of shoes… Each one serves a different purpose.

Max Schneider

Damn! I need more shoes!


Ok. Glad you posted this. I have grown into motor bikes (scooters in reality) And I don’t mean grown UP just”grown”, as in, “my circumstances changed”. I have always had a motorcycle along with other vehicles. I still love bicycles and use them, ..ah never mind.. It’s the same thing. The other day while riding in snowy, cold weather I realized…this isn’t working! My ex laughed..”Do you are going to stop riding finally and grow up and drive the car?”
“No…..I need a bike
that is better suited for this kind of weather!”
Shoes…I LIKE that.


Did you buy a Brompton?

Opus the Poet

The female description of n+1, why do you need all those shoes in different colors? 🙂

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