New Shoes

Sometimes my non-bikey friends don’t quite understand my bike obsession.

New Shoes

So I have to find ways to make it relatable to those not as familiar with the lifestyle.


New Shoes

I find it makes more sense to compare bikes to shoes than cars or household appliances like vacuum cleaners. Shoe obsessions are very relatable.

New Shoes

And both bikes and shoes are very useful for getting around. Cars and vacuum cleaners, not so much.

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I had the same idea, in trying to explain why I wanted to buy a city bike (which are pretty rare in the UK):


I like bikes AND shoes, too – are those Fluevogs I spy?

Steve Smith

you have a Brompton…. me too first time I rode one I just started smiling and I still do…. so I have a ‘bikey face’ too…. have fun with your new ‘shoes’

Steve W

An excellent analogy. My new bike fills a distinct niche. I have many other niches I’d like to fill.

And let’s merge the domains! I think I need more bike shoes. I have my road shoes, my MTB shoes; I’d like winter shoes and commuting shoes too. And let’s not forget color combinations when I want to ride in my civies.