Habit Loop

Biking is ordinary to me. So much so, I got caught off guard the other day.

Habit Loop

It didn’t really seem like a significant enough of an event to call it out. I mean, I ride a bike several times a day, every day.

Habit Loop

I read a book about habits, well part of a book about habits. I have what is called a habit loop- it looks like this for me:

Habit Loop

Except sometimes the place I’m biking to is work and I don’t really jump in the air when I get there- I just get coffee.

But habit loops are important. By having a habit, it allows you to save your brainpower for other things. More important things.

Habit Loop

I just have to be careful not to create a new habit loop here.


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I have a habit of not putting on shoes if I’m not going to be cycling. 👣


I have a habit of not putting on shoes if I’m going to be cycling on my Raleigh DL with it’s flat-deck pedals.

Nothing like the feeling of the wind in your toes.


<3 I have the habit loop too! My son is less inclined when it is poor weather but biking is just so EASY that it takes a LOT to keep me away!


I think I read the same book as you; however, this made me actually get a donut today, which is kind of hilarious. But sometimes I appreciate some enabling. Cheers!

Uncle Robot

Love love love riding my bike(s)


Each of your post does mostly enjoy me. Habit loops are controlling us all the day, even if we do not want or accept them.
In Europe we are very missing a Bikeyface !
May I translate your posts and contribue them?
Manfred from Germany