Drive Month?

Bike Month is a month to get more people on bikes. But as I biked to work this May it seemed more like Everybody Drive Month.

Drive Month

Maybe it’s cheap gas or the season- but the roads were jammed with cars and and everyone was stressing more than usual.

Drive Month

It’s clear that prioritizing private cars is not working for the city- and trying to fit more of them is not the solution.

Drive Month

Perhaps there should be a Car-free Month to encourage cities and commuters to think about how to reinvent rush hour with using different transportation options and fewer single occupant vehicles.

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I’ll have to remember that one – “I don’t have time to sit around in a car all day”


When are people going to learn that it is faster & healther to ride a bike from A-B!!!
This past Monday was rush hour challenge
Three bikes came in first second third & a runner came in 4th & the car came in 5th & the red line came in 6th & walker came in last.

lagatta à montréal
It is absolutely impossible to fit cars carrying a single commuter to work in old, densely built cities such as Boston and Montréal. I remember a particularly carheaded city council member representing a district near mine and said bicycles were fine for “young people” but not for her. I discovered that she is two years younger than I am (but “born old”). While I think we’ve made more headway, there are still nasty drivers who claim I hadn’t done my stop, though I had… Here we had a bike week (Go vélo) with La Tour la nuit et la Tour… Read more »

Hi Bikey Face and Friends

Today is a clear dry day in the high 60’s. It does not get any better than this for riding a bike to work or school. Yet, I think I saw about three other people today on bikes in my commute to Chestnut Hill.

And the road rage! Makes me sad that there is so little progress and such resistance to doing better for ourselves and the planet. But I get that I am preaching to the choir a little here.

Dan de Angeli


I have suggested that a week or two after BTWD that we have a take your car to work day. Everyone who bikes or takes transit or car pool that can do drive instead on that one day. Just to see how clogged things can get.


Again a great comic from Bikeyface. Ralph, I also had the same kind of idea and I really think this would a very great action to try to change the people’s mind.

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