Heads Up!

I am tired of the ever increasing number of so-called “bike safety” products. Especially when everyday I share the road with drivers like this. There needs to be a spray for them.   A product...

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The other day I was riding to work when I happened to notice the other people riding bicycles around me. This was more of a coincidence than typical of what I see everyday. But...

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A Zoo

I have to bicycle vehicularly most of the time because there’s not much infrastructure yet. But I’d prefer not to. What I can’t understand why anyone would argue against protected bike lanes. I wonder how the argument would...

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Typically, bicycling in winter is a little more complicated but manageable. But after 5 feet of snow has fallen within a month here, this winter is nowhere near manageable. It’s pretty unpleasant to bicycle, I admit it. I’ve considered other options...

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Road Demons

Pothole season is in full swing here. Drivers are concerned about potholes because of potential damage to their cars. But I see potholes differently. Gravel or road debris may not even register with drivers...

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Shop Blocked

As I was shopping this holiday I went to a mall. And it suddenly occurred to me that, for some reason, I hadn’t gone to a mall in a very very long time. It’s one...

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No Butts

The weather is getting colder and I’ve found myself caught behind some cyclists suffering from a very specific problem. It got me thinking… if I ever Kickstarted a bike-related accessory maybe it should be this: But I’m...

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The other day I was relaxing at a cafe when I found myself eavesdropping. Why did he feel the need to speak to the bicyclist and why did he assume the cyclist was...

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Sometimes when I see “Share the Road” on signs I think there needs to be a silly cartoon character to go with the message: Don’t get me wrong, in a world without cycle...

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