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Bikeyface is written and illustrated by, me, Bekka Wright. I’m an artist, writer, filmmaker, and connoisseur of chocolate chip cookies. When I was young I wanted to study environmental law, go into political office, and save the world while wearing awesome pantsuits. But I realized that few people listen to lawyers or politicians. But they love looking at pictures and I love making them.

Based in Somerville, MA, I bike all around the Boston area to work, errands, cafes, concerts, to my art studio, or just chasing clouds. The Bikeyface illustrations inspired by the things that happen along the way. In love with both creativity and degrees, I got my BA in Painting with a minor in Creative Writing from Brandeis University and an MFA in Cinema-Television Production from the University of Southern California. I work at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

I started this blog in June 2011 shortly after I moved from Los Angeles to Boston. I had started biking for transportation in Los Angeles, but the compactness, public transit system, and compactness of Boston allowed me to go completely car-free. Biking also turned out to be the best way to learn my way around a new city, meet people, and avoid traffic. The blog started as a simple account of my 2-wheeled adventures to be likely read by 3 people, all relatives. But since I’ve always drawn pictures it somehow grew into a full-fledged web comic. Now it’s read by more than 3 people, not all related.

I want Bikeyface to be as fun and enjoyable as biking. Sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated about how much needs to change on our city streets. But ultimately there is a reason people bike in spite of it all. That spirit is what I want to capture (see this intro post for more.) While many of posts are fun and focused on lifestyle, I also want Bikeyface to raises awareness and advocate for for safer streets for all.



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Online: My illustrations & posts may be shared online for educational and non-profit purposes. Proper credit and link to my site must be included (e.g. artwork by Bikeyface, www.bikeyface.com) Please do not modify my images, re-post a significant number of images, or re-post entire blog posts, or a combination of these things. I generally don’t mind translations as long as they keep true to the content (though in most cases I probably wouldn’t be able to tell.)

All Other Uses: My illustrations cannot be used in any other way (including print, merchandise, books, for sale or profit) without explicit permission and license fees/royalties may apply for use of images depending on desired use. License fees/royalties may apply for use of images depending on desired use. Please contact me if you have a budget would like to use one or more images of mine. Be aware that I do not facilitate no/low budget requests.


41 Responses to “About”

  • Hey, do you do all of your own graphic/drawing work? Good stuff!


  • This is so cute! I love it. Great work. Love, Love, Love.

  • Love, love, love! Keep up the bike smiles and humorous sketches.

  • Hans Wangbichler

    Been following you some time now. Love your work, and admire your ability to put in on paper. Sent out props for your work to the peeps out here on the”left coast”. http://www.meetup.com/Urban-Bike-and-Social-Club/events/33808302/

    Thanks, you’re appreciated.

  • Hey, just commenting to say that I found your blog a few days ago and it’s already like my favorite bike blog ever. You should totally write a comic book at some point!

  • Dennis

    Found your blog from the “iBob google group”.. Love your work and how it reconnects me to my time in Somerville (grad school at Tufts)… The foibles of living and biking in Boston. Will be a frequent visitor (again, from the Left Coast… well, really from Central California where we never see surfers and movie stars!)

  • Sunil

    Your blog rocks. I’ll tell people about it. I hope you keep it up. That is all.

  • Gary Gagnon

    You’re back !!! Yea ! New name, same ‘ole good stuff. Thanks for not leaving your faithful following, again GLAD you are back…

    Gary from Dracut.

    • Bikeyface

      Don’t worry, I’m gonna keep going! Just needed a name that is more memorable/searchable.

  • Tell us about the frogs.

  • You are awesome! Thank you for putting out such great work. Please keep it coming.

    You have our love & support.


  • Brittney

    Hey! So, strange question, but…what helmet do you have? lol. It looks super cute, that brown plaidish one in all your drawings (except the one on this page :P). Just curious! :)

  • Love the blog! Found it via Twitter thanks to creating/curating @WomenBikeBlogs, which features a blog a day (pretty much) and a growing set of RSS feeds from blogs on the list at http://bit.ly/WomenBikeBlogs.

  • Dear Bikeyface,
    This is us (http://www.outspokendelivery.co.uk/)
    We work in Cambridge (UK) and cycle a LOT.
    We LOVE your blog, from all the way across the ocean it touches many of our funny and truth strings. Thank you for creating mirth and happyness in our office and roads. You are welcome in our city anytime.
    Mark (and the Outspoken crew)
    P.S we are trialing the puppy saftey gear next week, we will tell you which breed of dog works the best

  • antbikemike

    Just found your blog, through Lovely Bicycle. Such fun, I love it :)
    I will add you to my links list and will be visiting your site for now on!

  • Great new about page! Thanks so much for sharing your artistic talent and keen wit~! Very much appreciated!

  • Ed

    Also came to your site via Lovely Bicycle.

    Love your site! Beautiful and very funny drawings; beautiful and very funny prose. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts with all of us!

    -Ed in NH

  • Cat

    I think your artwork is tremendous and that you should a) make a short animated film, and b) submit it to the Boston Bike Film Festival (shameless plug). Seriously though, I’m sure you’ve got a story to tell through your art.

    • Bikeyface

      I went to the festival this year and I have been considering it, but I need to get my act together on the film side of things. Hoped to shoot something this summer but ran out of time :(

  • Dear Miss Bikeyface 😉

    I just got to know your lovely blog (thanks to http://www.cenasapedal.com/blog/ from Portugal).

    Already read/enjoyed each and every post/cartoon. Please keep the ink flowing!

    I’ve posted about your blog/work on http://vadebici.wordpress.com/ – a group blog focusing mainly on bike advocacy in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

    I hope you don’t mind me copying/pasting a few cartoons there.

    All the best



  • gerry

    Hi Miss Bikeyface

    I find your blog incredible! Its so refreshing to come across a bicycle blog which delivers something so creative and new!

    I’m the founder of a London based bicycle community project called Bicycle Basecamp. Next year we’ll be releasing an online bicycle marketplace and social hub for our cycling community. We’re working with a select few cycling bloggers to promote their blogs & posts through our site. We’d love to include your blog alongside other bloggers from around the world.

    If you’re interested or won’t to find out more drop me an email at gerry@bicyclebasecamp.com.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Bicycle Basecamp

  • SquirlyG

    Great blog! And helmet – I have the same one and love it 😉

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