Started in 2011, Bikeyface is written and illustrated by Bekka Wright who (contrary to what some would expect) is not actually a cartoon character. Bekka is a real person who bikes to work (and many other places) everyday in and around Boston, MA. Her two-wheeled lifestyle serves as the primary inspiration for Bikeyface webcomics.

In addition to being a person that uses a bicycle for transportation, Bekka is an artist, writer, filmmaker, baker of chocolate chip cookies, and collector of advanced degrees. She has a BA from Brandeis University in Painting with a minor in Creative Writing and an MFA in Cinema-Television Production from the University of Southern California. She currently works at Massachusetts College of Art & Design.


What is Bikeyface? Well, it’s a webcomic inspired by the real life experience of getting around on two wheels in a city built for four. But it’s also a lifestyle. If you take a look through the windshield at any driver, then look at someone riding a bicycle you will very quickly notice just what a bikey face is. A bikey face is the expression of being active, engaged, and enjoying world around you. And Bikeyface seeks to celebrate that difference and raise the profile of transportation bicycling so that more people feel compelled to live more active, engaged, and enjoyable lives… all while getting $#&% done.

While the comics are often inspired by real experiences and ideas, Bikeyface is a work of fiction (see note of Bekka’s degrees in Creative Writing and Cinema-Television Production above.) The webcomic is meant to offer ideas, provoke conversation, and present bicycling from an evolving first-hand perspective, but is not meant to be a final word on anything.