Bicycle Date


Okay, so I went on this date. Not a first date, but close to it and we were getting along… so far. After dinner we realized that we were going the same direction and decided to bike part of the way together.

I’m a pretty rule oriented cyclist. I signal, stop for red lights and pedestrians, walk my bike in crosswalks and on sidewalks, etc. Well, my date turned out to be the opposite. As we biked down the street, I found myself on the right side, him on the left, shouting across the street at me trying to continue the conversation as cars passed between us. We played leap frog at stoplights. I would stop, he would coast through and then stop a block or two down when he realized I wasn’t behind him. Once when I caught up to him he said “I don’t stop at stoplights at night. It’s ridiculous.” Then he circled around, zig zagged a bit and took a left on a red light dodging a car. I just sat at the light and watched him go.

New policy. Bike with your date before you make up your mind.

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quickly becoming the best blog on bostonbiker. keep it up, especially the illustrations!

mass biker

Great post! Thanks for sharing.
Also- I agree w/ Matthew…


Hahaha. This is SO true. A bike date is a great test.

Love your blog and your illustrations. Thanks for the great reads. 🙂


totally late to the party, but GREAT post. I feel weird watching dudes sail past me at red lights.