The other day I came across a picture of my brother at about three years old or so- from about 1988 or 1989. Clearly it is foreshadowing something to come:


And 22 years later, not much has changed except the number of wheels:


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  • yikesbikes August 1, 2011   Reply →

    That’s amazing. Does the internet have room for a baby hipster blog?

    I hope that picture makes its way to bike snob.

    • Bikeyface August 1, 2011  

      Ha ha, there’s probably no room for more hipster blogs unless they introduce a new internet suffix, .hip maybe?

    • yikesbikes August 2, 2011  


  • Mark @ GRAVELBIKE October 8, 2011   Reply →

    Extra points for the AYHSMB deep V.

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