The Best Part of Biking

The best part of commuting by bike is that I don’t have to spend part of the day here:



Instead, my days go like this:



And before you assume this was a bike ride for leisure or exercise, it was actually a trip to the grocery store. I needed an eggplant.

(And yes, this awesome music follows me everywhere I go.)

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19 Responses to “The Best Part of Biking”

  • Yours is one of the very few blogs that I see the alert in Google reader and I click to leave Google Reader to see it in it’s full glory.

  • amazing…as always. You are going to get a reputation for excellence if you keep this up :) What did you use to film your ride?

    • Thanks! It was shot on a crappy old Nikon Coolpix (still camera w/video mode + gorilla pod/bungee cables) It broke soon after this…

  • teeheehee

    I kept thinking your knee was going to crash into the camera; great short film!

  • Damn, you pedal fast :)

    I find I’ve come to appreciate my slight pooch and love handles, because it means I eat well and enjoy myself (it’s from a little too much good food, not from eating nasty ickyness), and I appreciate that I get daily exercise just in the course of going places, because it means that my little pooch isn’t a big gut :)

    Great video!

    Here’s one of my wife and I going grocery shopping together :)

    • Eating well and enjoying life is important- I could not function without dessert or pasta. But in the past the gym it always failed because it felt purposeless. So now I exercise towards food ;)

  • Sue

    To think I spent all those years in the gym when I was your age. If only I had ridden my bike more back then. Bike rides are so much more appealing.

    Nice video and Dave’s video is pretty cool too.

  • Jim

    What part of Boston is this charming burg and why are there so many cars?
    -Not Bob.

    • This is Cambridge MA, and actually it was shot on a holiday weekend so that’s about 20% of the normal amount cars, bikes, pedestrians. Sometime I want to capture rush hour, it would be more representative.

  • aaahhh Love the vid – I tried to film myself cycling today and utterly failed but will work hard on getting better :-)

    Happy cycling, A.

  • It’s great to have a soundtrack for your rides! :) Nice blog.

  • Nice to have a soundtrack while you ride. Nice blog too!

  • Emily

    Cool :). What song is this?
    If I took a video of biking in my city, all you’d see is a blur — not because I’m going so fast, but because all we have is a mix of dirt roads and roads as old as dirt, and me/the bike/the camera would be bouncing too much :D.

  • Becca

    Lol my gym was totally like that!!

  • Video: Damn look at all those potholes!

  • Kookaburra

    LOL, wtf is it with gyms and Fox News? It’s the same out here on the West coast. Now I ride by my old gym and it’s very hard to not blow a raspberry at the people lined up on the other side of the glass pedaling away on the stationary cycles…

  • Tal

    Damn your grocery store is far!
    In Tel Aviv we have one in every neighborhood.

  • Hello! I love your images so much. Great video too. I used to bike a lot like that, staying far to the right, or even in the right tire track. What I’ve found is that drivers often do the lazy, close-pass when I gave them so much space (but the lane is not wide enough to share side-by-side). When I practice #LaneControl AKA #TakeTheLane I have had much fewer incidents of drivers yelling at me, horn honking and I’m fully clear of the car door zone.
    Unless I’m turning right, I stay in line with cars at the red lights too. I found that drivers get mad when they pass you a second time (also you don’t want mad drivers passing you a second time) sneaking up to the stop line on the right (unless in a bike lane) also puts the rider in the door zone. I was doored by a passenger quickly jumping out at the red light once. Luckily it was uphill so I wasn’t going fast.
    Safe riding my friend!

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