The Best Part of Biking

The best part of commuting by bike is that I don’t have to spend part of the day here:



Instead, my days go like this:



And before you assume this was a bike ride for leisure or exercise, it was actually a trip to the grocery store. I needed an eggplant.

(And yes, this awesome music follows me everywhere I go.)

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Yours is one of the very few blogs that I see the alert in Google reader and I click to leave Google Reader to see it in it’s full glory.

Boston Biker

amazing…as always. You are going to get a reputation for excellence if you keep this up 🙂 What did you use to film your ride?


I kept thinking your knee was going to crash into the camera; great short film!


Damn, you pedal fast 🙂

I find I’ve come to appreciate my slight pooch and love handles, because it means I eat well and enjoy myself (it’s from a little too much good food, not from eating nasty ickyness), and I appreciate that I get daily exercise just in the course of going places, because it means that my little pooch isn’t a big gut 🙂

Great video!

Here’s one of my wife and I going grocery shopping together 🙂


To think I spent all those years in the gym when I was your age. If only I had ridden my bike more back then. Bike rides are so much more appealing.

Nice video and Dave’s video is pretty cool too.

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