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5 years 17 days ago

Mass Ave is a freaking war zone and my nemesis! I could do without it entirely between the river and the medical center… too bad I NEED it.

Lovely Bicycle!
5 years 16 days ago

Ouch! I don’t like Swan’s Way, but will take that Nutella off your hands if it’s too heavy, you poor dear.

5 years 16 days ago

I’m eating Nutella right now. Breakfast of champions! Maybe it should be strapped to the bike, so as to follow you down the hole. You’ll need nutrients down there.

5 years 16 days ago

Nutella… when there’s no dessert for dinner… It’s just me, a spoon, and Nutella. Oh, and fresh Martin’s Potato Bread – toasted – with Nutella … Yum. Oh, and sliced bananas on Nutella with Martin’s bread… Yum. Ok … Sorry, I got carried away there.

5 years 15 days ago

nutella FTW!