• vanessa September 8, 2011   Reply →

    Mass Ave is a freaking war zone and my nemesis! I could do without it entirely between the river and the medical center… too bad I NEED it.

  • Lovely Bicycle! September 9, 2011   Reply →

    Ouch! I don’t like Swan’s Way, but will take that Nutella off your hands if it’s too heavy, you poor dear.

  • Amy September 9, 2011   Reply →

    I’m eating Nutella right now. Breakfast of champions! Maybe it should be strapped to the bike, so as to follow you down the hole. You’ll need nutrients down there.

    • Bikeyface September 9, 2011  

      Yes, good thinking, should have been strapped to the bike. Or even better, put in a camelbak backpack strapped to meeeeeeeee.

  • Sue September 9, 2011   Reply →

    Nutella… when there’s no dessert for dinner… It’s just me, a spoon, and Nutella. Oh, and fresh Martin’s Potato Bread – toasted – with Nutella … Yum. Oh, and sliced bananas on Nutella with Martin’s bread… Yum. Ok … Sorry, I got carried away there.

  • Matt September 10, 2011   Reply →

    nutella FTW!

  • Ethan Fleming August 24, 2012   Reply →

    All of both Boston and Cambridge have pothole problems everywhere. I personally think the only way to fix the problem is to tear up all the streets, repave them all, and start again from scratch.

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