When you’re biking in the city you want to be as visible as possible. One way to do that is to get some bright yellow gear:


However on a recent ride on my new bike across town to Jamaica Plain I discovered a new way to be visible… wear a ridiculously awesome (and very short) leopard print romper purchased on sale for $9.99:


It seemed to stop traffic. Or at least slow it down quite a bit. A few cars even seemed happy to follow me. One driver hollered something– but this time it wasn’t an insult.

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  • teeheehee September 14, 2011   Reply →

    I shudder to think what the male equivalent of a short leopard-print skirt would be, or the reaction it was garner…

    • Bikeyface September 14, 2011  

      I’m tempted to draw that 😀

    • Amy September 14, 2011  

      Do it! :)

  • connie September 14, 2011   Reply →

    wow, this is just too excellent. and so true. the extra attention and ‘caution’ cars display around me when I’m biking in a skirt [with bike shorts underneath!] is often a bit too much for comfort.

  • Vay September 14, 2011   Reply →

    Oh my gosh- the mini me hipsters have made my day :-)

  • Mandi September 14, 2011   Reply →

    bahahahahaa…so when is your urban lady commuter graphic novel/comic book coming out? those moments can be really annoying if you’re not in the mood but i love the humorous spin on it!

  • Dave September 14, 2011   Reply →

    Anyone who would wear a leopard print romper must be able to rock it. Also, nice bargain shopping! I love finds like that.

    I have a feeling if I wore a leopard print romper on my bike, I’d probably get intentionally run over :)

  • anita September 14, 2011   Reply →

    omg, this made me laugh so hard. love it!

  • Marianna September 14, 2011   Reply →

    When I wear my purple jersey with my purple bag on my purple bike, people in cars frequently compliment me at lights. Good method.

  • Kara September 14, 2011   Reply →

    Well played. And of coursed, well drawn.

  • Julie September 14, 2011   Reply →

    Sex kitten effect!

  • Jim September 14, 2011   Reply →

    Here’s some unsolicited advice: use the first drawing as your profile pic, then show up as the second. Jackpot.

  • notbikesnobnyc September 14, 2011   Reply →

    pics or it didn’t happen :-)

  • Biff September 17, 2011   Reply →

    I like the vest/sash/ankle reflectors. One thing missing is a SOLID YELLOW helmet. For whatever reason, most helmets are offered in “Death Wish Black”, “Kill Me Now Camoflage”, and patterned colors that blend together when viewed from a distance.

    I figure the first job of the helmet is make me more visible so I never need protection from getting whacked. And being up high, it is visible when the rest of my bright colors are hidden behind a parked car/following car/etc. So far, the only SOLID BRIGHT helmets I have found are the Bell Citi and Metro, and unfortunately neither fits my head. But if enough of us write makers and ask at shops, eventually they will offer at least one of their “good” models in a color that offers protection.

    Buy bright and ride bike!

  • Sarah Canner October 10, 2011   Reply →

    This is fabulous and the basic theory behind a new line of safety vests and accessories called that I’m launching called VESPERTINE – check it out and let me know what you think!

    • Sarah Canner October 10, 2011  

      oops- sorry for the typo- seeing that my Haute Réflecteur pieces cost a lot more than $9.99- just for the materials alone- I’m offering a 35% discount because I want to get them out there on the streets on bikers like ya’ll- just enter the code cyclestyle at check out. I’m going to be coming out with reflective belts soon, too which will be less $$.

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