The Most Perfectest Safety Gear

There’s a lot of safety gear made for cyclists. Reflective vests, ankle reflectors, mirrors, flags, lights, more lights, fancy lights, super fancy lights.

However with all of these products it seems that cars still like to run into us. Even on purpose.

Perhaps there is better safety solution. A better way to protect ourselves. Maybe it’s something so obvious we overlook it everyday.

What is this solution you ask?


The Most Perfectest Safety Gear

Yes, puppies. Cute adorable puppies with big sparkly eyes and little wet noses and pink tongues.

What’s that you say? Puppies are not bike gear?

Uh, think again:

The Most Perfectest Safety Gear

Because apparently human beings don’t have a problem with hurting other human beings… just because they happen to have a bicycle.

However intentionally hurting a puppy is a totally different thing. Nobody dares do that. Because that would mean that you’re actually a bad person.

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Excellent! But maybe they should be strapped to our heads for bettering viewing. Motorists can then make no mistake- there is a puppy- proceed with caution.


Um. That’s actually me.


I have no puppies. 🙁 But I do have kittens. A basket of kittens may work just as well.


That dangling puppy is breaking my heart!


Aww… I used to own a Boston Terrier. Love that first sketch.

I totally agree, it seems that there are more duck crossing signs than there are share the road signs protecting cyclists. Heaven forbid a poor little duck get run over. But, hey – what’s a human life matter anyway as long as the little ducks are safe.

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