Bicycle Face

In case you’re unaware back in the 19th century Bicycle Face was diagnosed as a dangerous health condition by doctors. Of course we now know that’s bogus.

However what doctors back then totally missed was the face that came before Bicycle Face:

Bicycle Face

If you ask me Ennui Face was the real health scare for women. No wonder what came next was a real shock.

Bicycle Face

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One of my friends at the shop posted this so I posted the link for your original bikeyface post! Guess I’ve gotta post this one, too! Love your work!

Edwin Cohen

Every now and then I get it more and more. You go girls.




We’re all ill. 😉

Uncle Robot

Just back from 2 week bike tour of Netherlands – kept getting left in the dust by beautiful women many riding in dresses. One must have been 80 – well, she did have an electric bike. Oh, and then there were the families – mom or dad with kids on front and/or in back. I dream of a USA where bikes out-number cars.

Vocus Dwabe
One of the first things you notice about cycling in Holland is the large numbers of people over 60 – sometimes over 80 – who still go on doing it long after they’d have given up in any other country: or in Britain, probably have been forcibly retired “for their own safety”. One statistical trick much used by Vehicular Cycling missionaries in the English-speaking countries is to point out that the Netherlands has about 400 cycling deaths per year – as against 187 last year in the UK – and then scale this up from Holland’s 16 million population to… Read more »
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