Bicycle Face

In case you’re unaware back in the 19th century Bicycle Face was diagnosed as a dangerous health condition by doctors. Of course we now know that’s bogus.

However what doctors back then totally missed was the face that came before Bicycle Face:

Bicycle Face

If you ask me Ennui Face was the real health scare for women. No wonder what came next was a real shock.

Bicycle Face

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22 Comments on "Bicycle Face"

July 17, 2014

One of my friends at the shop posted this so I posted the link for your original bikeyface post! Guess I’ve gotta post this one, too! Love your work!

July 18, 2014

Every now and then I get it more and more. You go girls.

July 18, 2014


July 18, 2014

We’re all ill. 😉

Uncle Robot
July 18, 2014

Just back from 2 week bike tour of Netherlands – kept getting left in the dust by beautiful women many riding in dresses. One must have been 80 – well, she did have an electric bike. Oh, and then there were the families – mom or dad with kids on front and/or in back. I dream of a USA where bikes out-number cars.

Vocus Dwabe
July 22, 2014

One of the first things you notice about cycling in Holland is the large numbers of people over 60 – sometimes over 80 – who still go on doing it long after they’d have given up in any other country: or in Britain, probably have been forcibly retired “for their own safety”.

One statistical trick much used by Vehicular Cycling missionaries in the English-speaking countries is to point out that the Netherlands has about 400 cycling deaths per year – as against 187 last year in the UK – and then scale this up from Holland’s 16 million population to show that…er…basically, having segregated cycle tracks like the Dutch is incredibly bad for you: entirely neglecting to mention that (i) the Dutch make ten times as many daily journeys by bicycle and (ii) that the Dutch statistics include not just deaths from cycling (i.e. road traffic accidents) but also deaths while cycling: which given the large numbers of old people who do it, is bound to include a good number of those who just dropped dead while cycling, felled by a heart attack or a stroke

…Which – provided it endangered no one else – is the manner in which I would wish to leave this world, if the choice were mine. But, sadly, we have little say in such matters.

Bikeyface: loved the drawings. The dexterity of your hand is matched only by the acuteness of your observation.