Midnight Misadventures

This weekend marked the end of “winter” for me as it was the first time I went on some longer rides out of the city. The first one started when a 2 mile...

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My Mom turned 60 this year and she’s decided to do a triathlon. She’s decided to invest in a better bike for the triathlon and beyond. She bikes quite a bit. Sometimes we...

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The Long Commute

I’ve been busier and more stressed than usual lately and it’s started catching up with me. The other day at work I found myself completely exhausted. I could not wait to go home…...

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Wear a Bikeyface

Would you like to have a Bikeyface on your chest? You’re in luck! For a limited time I’m offering special edition Bikeyface T-shirts for Bike Week which is May 14-18th. These T-shirts will...

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Summer Dress Days

Even though it’s been a mild winter I’m excited that spring is here. However it seems that winter decided to skip straight to summer with temperatures in the 80’s last week. Everyone was...

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Shared Commute

I’m a creature of habit, I take the same route to work every day along with many others. I recognize many people on my commute. There’s the girl with the gold helmet, her guy friend...

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Everyday Bike

When people meet me they sometimes think I would always ride a fancy bike. But most days I ride a very plain hybrid. But what she lacks in style, she makes up in attitude....

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Red Light Surprise

Yesterday as I approached a light on Mass Ave it turned red. The cyclist ahead of me rode blithely through it. I came to a complete stop. That was apparently a very unexpected...

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City Questions

We’re all familiar with drivers getting frustrated sharing the road with cyclists. However, sometimes the frustration gives way to another frustrating behavior. That of asking questions. When I’m on my bike, drivers seem to...

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